Hospitality Parties

What is a Hospitality Party?

It is just that -A PARTY - and it is included with your SPLF registration. All SPLF attendees are welcome to attend the Hospitality Parties!

Based on the history of Leather Club Run Cocktail Parties, SPLF rents out the largest suite in the hotel and Hospitality Hosts throw parties all weekend! Everyone's invited!

Groups, clubs, titleholders, individuals - anyone can apply to host a Hospitality Party.

Typically, there is a fun sexy theme and food and both alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages are served. Decorations and outfits are a plus!

Each Hospitality Party Host will also be given 3 complimentary day-passes for group members who are assisting for setup and cleanup.

Parties are not selected on a first apply basis so WOW US with your idea.

Want to host a Hospitality Party? It is as easy as clicking here!

SPLF Hospitality Party