The International Master/slave Contest History

International Master/slave is a title with deep roots in the Leather community that go back to 1990 when the first Master/slave title, then owned and produced by Luke Owen, was won by Mark Bowers and Bob Farrell. In 1992 the name of the title was changed to International Master/slave and that title was won by K.T. Chase & Susie Shepherd. IM/s, considered until 1999 as a traditional leather bar title, has developed a unique mission for today. The International Master/slave titleholders represent and educate on a kind of relationship that is often misunderstood, even by those familiar with Leather/SM. The International Master/slave Contest celebrates its 33nd Anniversary in 2023!

The goal of the International Master/slave Contest is to provide the Leather, Kink, BDSM and Master/slave communities with an International Master and an International slave who will represent the M/s lifestyle with integrity and competence. International Master and slave do not represent the non-existent “one true way” of M/s – rather, the titleholders simply offer the community an example of one kind of healthy M/s relationship and serve as spokespersons for M/s relationships – in their many forms -- as a healthy way for people to choose to live their lives. Unlike many titleholders, it is expected that International Master and slave will take every opportunity to educate the Leather, Kink, BDSM and Master/slave communities on Master/slave relationships, and will actively seek out venues that will allow them to speak on Master/slave issues, whether that be through speeches, seminar presentations, participation on panel discussions, writing articles, etc. As a result of the expectations, one of the most important attributes of the titleholders is the ability to communicate clearly and effectively what it means to them to live and identify as Master and slave.

Contestants at the International Master/slave Contest from the United States compete and win one of the five Regional Feeder Contests (Northwest, Southwest, Southeast, Northeast and Midwest). Contestants from outside of the U.S. petition to be accepted to compete at International. To be selected for International Master and slave contestants must be at least 21 years of age, self-identify as Master/slave or Owner/property and have been in a M/s or O/p relationship with each other for at least one year. Contestants run as a pair. No particular “look,” dress, body type, gender or sexual orientation is required to run, nor is there a required set of protocols that International Master and slave are expected to follow. In the end, International Master/slave simply is all about the titleholders living the truth of their lives and relationship.

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