SPLF Staff


Tomo became the Owner and Producer of South Plains Leatherfest and the International Master slave Contest in March 2022. While there are contracts to sign and bills to pay, Tomo sees herself as a steward of the event and will apply her decades of event production experience, love of leather community, skills, passion, and devotion to creating space for us to gather. With her leadership, South Plains Leatherfest and the International Master slave Title will continue to thrive.



The Staff

The following is the devoted team of volunteers who work creatively, mindfully and tirelessly to bring you South Plains Leatherfest.

Majordomo - Levi
Leather Ambassador - Sir David Labriola
Producer Assistant - Casey
Producer Assistant - Sarah
Producer Assistant - Marcos
Producer Assistant - MJ
Social Media Director - koneko
Dallas Liaison - Neko
Ceremonies Director - Lilith
Ceremonies Assistant Director - Marie de menthe
Technical Director - Chloe
Assistant Technical Director - birdie holly
Team Dungeon - Hoss and Wolf Inman along with Team Dungeon volunteers and supporters
Program Book Director - koneko
Onsite Registration Director - MsJeep
Silent Auction Director - MzLilly, Touch of Leather
Diversity and Accessibility Coordinator - slavegirl j
Contestant Coordinator - raven
Bootblack Co-coordinator - Briar Wood
Bootblack Co-coordinator - Moxie
Onsite Hospitality Coordinator - Maggie
Onsite Hospitality Assistant - Omega
Onsite Education Coordinator - Donja
Onsite Education Assistants - MrL and Fiona
Online Education Co-Coordinator - Master Marcus
Online Education Coordinator - slave joy
Onsite Vending Coordinator - Marcos
Onsite Volunteer Coordinator - Sir DaddyDaun
Event Photographer - Master John
TNG, Newcomers Liason - Kira
Webmaster - Mel