IPOL History

Person of Leather: One title, one community

Founded in 2015 by Jazz, Mr. Andrew Love, and Master Tallon, the goal of the International Person of Leather is to promote and celebrate the diversity of Leather Culture throughout our Community.

International Person of Leather will be selected not based on gender-identity, sexual-orientation, race, physical appearance, age, or disability, but rather on their ability to articulate their views, passions, and dedications and to make an impact in their communities. We will expect these People of Leather to act as mentors, educators, role models and spokespeople throughout their title year. The International Person of Leather Contest is a celebration of the diversity in the Leather community. The title of Person of Leather exists to promote that diversity.

In 2022, the Founders of IPOL, Andrew Love, Master Tallen and Jazz, transferred ownership and production rights of the IPOL contest system to Tomo, naming Tomo as the new Owner. Tomo along with a team consisting of the IPOL Titleholders will focus during 2023 on supporting and rebuilding the IPOL regions. The first IPOL contest will be held at SPLF 2024.

Andrew Love, Master Tallen and Jazz, share with our community “We are thankful to find a home for IPOL at a strong and thriving event and know that with Tomo’s passion and skills as an Event Producer, the IPOL Title System will continue to thrive.”

“I have believed in the IPOL Title System and have supported it for years. The mission of IPOL speaks directly to the commitment that SPLF has made to do the work of honoring diversity in our community by hosting an event that is accessible, relevant and transformative to all. South Plains has always stood on the pillars of both Master/slave relationships and Leather/BDSM, so I am thrilled to produce both contests at South Plains. I know that it will be a huge success" explains Tomo.

Tomo and Master Jim